About our Melbourne based logistics company

Malec Brothers Transport is an Australian family-owned logistics company located near Melbourne.

Started in 1997 by Matthew Malec as a courier business, the fleet steadily grew over the years to include wharf services of importing and exporting.

By 2008 we had added timber plantation, sales and exporting to our portfolio to become the well-established company we are today.

The Malec family are very much hands-on owners and look forward to discussing how we can help you with your business needs.


Our commitment to the environment

Being in the natural commodity industry, we feel a sense of responsibility to the environment.

All plantations we use were established a generation ago, many by a government initiative in the 1980s to create a sustainable supply of timber.

Plantations we own are re-planted for future generations.

Our fleet of trucks are modern and are regularly serviced. To reduce carbon emissions, we use ADBlue fuel additive in all of our trucks to reduce their impact on the environment.